Victory Is Mine…And Yours

Victories. Small or large. Victories are wanted and needed each day. Depending on the type of life some lead will determine the level of consciousness the person may or may not have when it comes to victories. George Washington Carver said (and I am paraphrasing), no man has the right to come into the world without leaving proof that he was ever there. The only exception I take with the essence of his saying is the exclusion of women who I explicitly include when I think or use the premise of his logic. With that all-in mind, it hard to believe that the lack of victories in daily lives would be acceptable or productive to the advancement of humanity on all levels.

As a talented creative individual, I see all ideas as possible when the right people, proper energy, and adequate opportunities are present. However, how does the alignment of what I believe and reality relate to one another? As a person on the job market, my excitement is epic when I see a position with an organization seeking the values I have to offer and a mission aligned with my life’s purpose. After careful study of the posted position and preparing my cover letter and resume for submission, I am nothing but excited. My materials are submitted and then crickets. Nothing. Once again, I have sent to what now I believe is a professional black hole of pursuit. After so much time and so many submissions, faith becomes thin, and the ultimate victory of productively sharing my values through employment are evaporating. Knowing self-value and worth, will not pay student loans, car notes, utilities, or even buy an egg when being professionally sidelined in life.

In my case, I have been under-employed for 18 months. My meantime has fortunately been my passion for teaching. I knew five years ago; I wanted to transition from my life in public health to one as an educator and creative writer. Leaving my position of 15 years and moving from the Midwest to the east coast, I pursued my life’s passions – teaching and writing. While that is an interesting story in and of itself, it is not the current focus – daily victories.

How does a person on the job market find wins through rejections of best wishes on your pursuit, but we have decided to go with another candidate or no word at all? How do we, individuals who want to be productive by contributing to society and earning a living find victories, let alone daily ones?

While there is not a short or easy answer to either question, there is the faith that hope is around the corner to fully join the workforce. We must dig in and remind ourselves of our self-worth. Also, there is a yes out there for us; we just may need to go through the noes we are no longer able to count. However, how do either address daily victories? In short, they do not. Daily achievements include the task we accomplish on our current position. We are now self-employed career-builders. Our duties include identifying positions for our number one client – ourselves; developing and curating our portfolio that will drive our purpose in life; and lastly, we must network to create opportunities for ourselves.

Gaining employment is easier said than done. And falls under the cliché, it is not what you know but who you know. However, all job-seeker must focus on the value of self-worth, self-respect, and lead a purpose driven life during the pursuit of employment.

The first daily victory is getting up. The second daily victory is going to work to find employment. The third daily victory is knowing self-worth and the values that make you qualified for pursued positions. The fourth daily victory is self-respect that allows a person to take care of oneself. The fifth daily victory is whatever adds to your happiness. While a paycheck may not be at the end of a week’s, month’s, or year’s work, a better understanding self and purpose will make a person stronger and more valuable in the long run. Victory is mine…and yours.

In case you want to the full quote – “No individual has any right to come into this world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it.” – George Washington Carver